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About us

PrintaBit is an online 3D printing service dedicated to the creation of carefuly executed artwork.

Our manufacturing know-how is built around specific artistic needs: exceptional and durable finishing, high-quality materials and tailored service to guide you through the steps towards the creation of your design - its aesthetic aspect as you envision it, hence picking the appropriate processes and manufacturing technology.

We engineered our service in conjunction with talented 3D artists to provide you with the best of the available 3D printing technologies, bringing the sophisticated shapes of your Art and Interior design pieces into reality, which would be impossible otherwise.

This is the kind of aspect we can give to your 3D creations.

If you care about your design, we care about its execution.

How it works

Our process is as lean as it can get.


If you already have a 3D artwork that you would like to produce, upload the 3D mesh on our website (and if you haven’t, start creating it with your favorite 3D software).


You then define the aesthetic aspect you want to give to your model and choose the relevant material. If you need some advice at this point, our experts will be happy to address any concern. Once your needs have been clarified, we will provide you with a quotation, tailored to your requisites and expectations.


Upon acceptation of our quotation, your 3D artwork will be produced and meticulously finished by hand according to your needs (polishing, painting, varnishing etc.) Within a few days, you will receive your artwork. We are based in Switzerland and deliver all across Europe.

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What you can expect

Your artwork as you dream it

We are the devoted artist's production partners. If you wish to share your creations, showcase them and even sell them, you will need the highest quality. Printabit gets at the level of 3D Artists and offers them a tailored solution. If you want to take a step further and replicate your creations, we can handle the production of high quality small to medium batches of your creations, leveraging the best 3D printing and vacuum casting technologies.


A relevant selection of finishing and materials

A large, yet carefully picked range of esthetic aspects (materials, colors and finishes) is available for your 3D creations. A merely 3D-printed artwork cannot satisfy the demanding 3D Artists without the finishing phase, necessary to meet their artistic goals –unless they like it raw! Among all the manufacturing processes available, we simply got the most performing!

State-of-the-art technology for your object

All products are made out with leading edge manufacturing technologies: we use lasers to build models layer by layer. Each model is then meticulously finished by hand in our workshop in Geneva, Switzerland.


Feel your work of art

Printabit’s fast and streamlined ordering process makes it easier for 3D Artists to feel their work of art, and fast. : We only require your 3D file and e-mail address. No lengthy registration process here. Our production tools /3D printers working day and night, it allows us to reduce lead times and you to receive your artwork within a few days.


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